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Review: The Broken Girls

Told in two separate timelines, The Broken Girls first introduces us to four friends and classmates at the daunting Idlewild Hall, a school for unwanted and delinquent girls.  Set in 1950, we’re almost immediately thrown into a mystery, first with the omniscient ghost of Mary Hand, then the disappearance of one of the four friends.

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Review: A Hope At The End Of The World

I’m a huge fan of historical fiction, particularly WWI and II. I’m also a New Zealander, of Ngai Tahu descent. I had never heard of my country taking in Polish refugees, nor are stories around my culture common, so this book intrigued me instantly. Learning about that part of our history was enlightening, as was discovering that it wasn’t just the Jewish that were persecuted by Hitler (Helena’s family are Polish Catholic).

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