It's Been How Long? by Kiwi

Ugh. I suck.

I was going great guns, and then the pandemic hit and suddenly, my days were no longer my own. In addition to having a suddenly working-from-home spouse, I also had a suddenly home-schooling (then) 6-year-old. In the beginning, they hadn't sorted it out, so we were left doing most of the work, trading out subjects between the husband and me, and tearing our hair (at least, I did ... he doesn't have hair) out to get her to complete the basics.

Add to that a healthy dose of the "blahs", and I had little time and not much interest in reading, let alone keeping up with the blog.

I took up knitting. I still knit. Every day. I love it. And I bought knitting books. Still do. It helped take my mind off my ever-increasing Netgalley pile and my falling review ratio. Man, that thing is low ...

Our only trip away was for a memorial. And that sucked. Especially considering that my planned trip back to New Zealand for my parents wedding anniversary couldn't happen. And when my Dad went into the hospital back home, not expected to survive a needed surgery, I found myself in an impressively massive funk.

But, more recently, the kiddo is back in class, celebrated a couple of big birthdays, went on a long road trip and started chronicling my knitting journey. My Dad is better, and I send him a terrible joke every day. I'm in a much better place and I'm finally back to reviewing. And I cross my heart and hope to ... well, read more ... to stick around! I hope you'll forgive me! :)

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