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My Very Bad Week (and a bit)

So, I fell off the ball again.
I went gung-ho into my next book, intending to finish it as quickly as possible. And then, I was in a nasty car accident, lying sideways on the road, my four-year-old Godbabe in the back seat behind me.

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Give Thanks!

This year, I’m thankful for my whanau (family), both real and adopted. And I’m thankful to YOU, for sticking around and joining me in this new endeavor! Have a wonderful, safe and BLESSED Thanksgiving! 

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TBT: 2016 Epic Road Trip

Back in June/July of 2016, my husband and I embarked on an epic motorcycle trip. We left Las Vegas bright and early on a Saturday morning and started our extremely circuitous route up to Minnesota and back again. We mostly tent-camped on the road, but 3 nights, the lure of a hot shower and guaranteed wifi was just too much. 🙂

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2017 – Minnesota or Bust

Back to Minnesota again this year, only this time we were stuck in a cage (car) because we took Miss Four along for the ride. It was a bittersweet trip (taken because of a cancer diagnosis in the family), but we sure tried to have some fun on the way. Here are some of my favorite snaps …

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On A Go Slow

Aside from prepping to take a short vacation due to a family illness, my lack of updating is also because of this. My gorgeous brand new grandbabe, napping alongside her big sister 🙂

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