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Review: A Killer’s Mind

Meet the Corniest Serial Killer ever. Of course, that’s not what the media are calling him, but Zoe Bentley – a forensic psychologist contracted to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit – coins a term that’s far more fitting for our “big bad”. When Zoe is pulled into a Chicago serial killer investigation by newly promoted agent, Tatum Gray. Soon, she starts to receive strange envelopes, sent by someone from her past. Is he the killer, or is someone else responsible?

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Review: The Bitter End

The Bitter End begins on a dark note – a woman surviving a Nazi gas chamber, Hitler and demonic possession.  Throw in a couple of stupid kids who like to knock on the door of an old woman in the woods and you just know you’re in for some super creepy reading.

We’re soon introduced to our main protagonist, Paul. The hits just keep coming for this poor guy. His beloved wife, Helena, was killed in a tragic accident years before. As Paul moves on with his life and moves into an area that is all too familiar to him with his new partner Sally, strange things begin happening.

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Review: Jar Of Hearts

Hooo, boy! This one was a page-turner! Jennifer Hillier delivers a well-written and gripping story with characters that are compelling and unlikable, but largely unforgettable in a story with twists that are both timely and seriously disturbing. One of the best I’ve read all year!

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Review: Something In The Water

Something In The Water starts with a whopper of a chapter. Newlywed Erin asks us how long it takes to dig a grave. She knows – she’s digging her husbands. Wait. What? Yep. Can you say “hooked”?

Erin then walks us back into the not-so-distant-past and into her relationship with her fiance, Mark. When, on their honeymoon, the discovery of a bag full of illicit goodies leads them into some serious ethical and moral grey areas, the pair hatches an elaborate and dangerous plan to keep what they’ve found. 

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Review: Capital Gaines

From NerdishBiker
Just a quick disclaimer: I am a HUGE fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines.  Fixer Upper was a lucky find one day as we were flipping through channels and we were instantly hooked.  Bookish and I would often have competitions to see who was more Chip and who was more Joanna on any given day.  So to find that Chipper had written a book meant that buying it was a no-brainer.

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Review: Baby Teeth

I’m going to start by saying that this book is probably not going to be for everyone. Our “Big Bad” in this case is a seven-year-old girl, so it may lead to a little bit of weirdness for some. And that’s okay – it’s your reading life! But, that uncomfortable factor is why I enjoyed it. Well, that and I was able to empathize with Suzette – something I’ll get into later.

Baby Teeth is the first from Zoje Stage, and it’s a wonderful piece of work. Ms Stage fearlessly ties in a couple of common suspense tropes and does so with style.

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Review: Stench

I have to admit, I kinda balked at the title on this one – it was just so “in your face”, but it turned out to be wonderfully fitting.

Told in two timelines and two voices, we are introduced first to Rory Norton, in a bit of a shocker as the council pest control dig up a body from under his floorboards. Rory is an odd bird in this genre of late – in a sea of unlikeable and troublesome leads, he’s actually pretty likeable, even with his secrets and even when his own motives are called into suspicion.

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Review: Bring Me Back

Who’d have thought Russian Stacking Dolls could be nefarious? Turns out, they are when they suddenly start appearing on the fence outside your house, on your car, in the mail, and even with the check at a restaurant.

Twelve years after Finn’s girlfriend, Layla, disappeared while they were holidaying in France, Finn has moved on and is engaged to Layla’s sister, Ellen. We’re immediately pulled into the intrigue of what happened to Layla, what Finn knows, and more importantly, what he had to do with it.

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Review: Tresspassing

Veronica Cavanagh has been indulging her daughter’s imaginary friend, even when Nini predicts the death of her husband. When Micah goes missing, Veronica starts questioning her own sanity. In the midst of going through IVF treatment, and now under suspicion for murder, she begins to question everything.

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