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Mailbox Monday (12/18)

It’s still been a pretty rough couple of weeks. Most of my bruises have healed (though I am still a little stiff with shoulder pain), I bought a new car, and we’re almost done with the insurance… I do have book mail though, so without further ado …

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FCPIT – Two In One

I was so busy babysitting and dealing with runny noses yesterday, my Monday Mailbox post went away in a ball of four-year-old drama and tissues. So, today, we’re doing First Chapter, First Paragraph Intro Tuesday and using what arrived in my mailbox over the week, making it a genuine two for one!

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Mailbox Monday

Still a little slow around here (I’m back to babysitting), but check out last week’s Mailbox Monday, or our review of Dead Stop by Barbara Nickless.

I didn’t get any physical books over the last week, but I did add to my digital library …

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I’m Not Addicted To Reading …

Free Printable:
I’d hoped to have another review posted by now, but real life has conspired against me! So, here is another free bookish printable. It’s set at 8×10, but you can print at any size.
Check the post for the download links 🙂

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