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Mailbox Monday (12/18)

It’s still been a pretty rough couple of weeks. Most of my bruises have healed (though I am still a little stiff with shoulder pain), I bought a new car, and we’re almost done with the insurance… I do have book mail though, so without further ado …

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Permission To Fail

I’ve been muddling through a book I really want to love. I purchased it, it’s a New Zealand author, shortlisted for a literary award, and in my all-time favorite genre*. I should love it. Except I don’t. And I’ve found myself dreading having to sit down and continue reading it.

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Reads For Women Riders (Or Not …)

When I entered “Biker Fiction” in Goodreads, it came back with a list of books that were mostly steamy romance novels featuring women trying to tame a bad boy biker (mostly that badass tattooed biker-gang type). Ladies, if that’s the kind of guy you’re going for, more power (and a whole lot of luck) to you, but that’s not what I want.

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