So, I fell off the ball again.

I went gung-ho into my next book, intending to finish it as quickly as possible. And then, I was in a nasty car accident, lying sideways on the road, my four-year-old Godbabe in the back seat behind me.

We are both OK. She had a little bump on her head from something flying around (one of my headrests and the center sunglass holder thingamyjig came off and landed in the back seat), and I have some pretty serious bruises and a whole lot of stiffness. Then there’s the drama of dealing with insurance, car-shopping and all that fun stuff, so between the injuries and the running around, I’ve fallen into bed exhausted at the end of every day.

Add to that the obligatory Christmas parties and …. /sigh

I finally think I have some time. So please bear with me – especially the author I’m currently reading. He knows who he is!