I have found myself in a little bit of a quandary the last week or so. As you know, Bookish Biker is a labor of love, a one-woman-show. And I try to update regularly, with the goal of having at least one review or book-related post per week. And you’ve probably noticed, there hasn’t been anything but my Thanksgiving post in a couple of weeks.

I’ve been muddling through a book I really want to love. I purchased it, it’s a New Zealand author, shortlisted for a literary award, and in my all-time favorite genre*. I should love it. Except I don’t. And I’ve found myself dreading having to sit down and continue reading it. So much so, I have found myself doing everything but reading. I’m playing games, I’m crafting, I’m decorating for Christmas … anything to avoid having to open up that book.

I understand that it’s a failing on my own part and believe it or not, it’s not always the case. I have one author (a bestseller) that I know for a fact that if I don’t enjoy the first chapter, it’s not going to get any better and I abandon the read. For most others, I muddle through and usually find that it kicks into gear, so I’m vindicated. In this case, that’s just not happening. I’m 40% through the book and I haven’t gotten used to the writing style, I haven’t found one single redeeming quality in the main character, and I’m having absolutely zero luck in finding a way to connect.

It’s not only affected my reading life, but it’s affected the blog as well.

So. Today, I am giving myself permission to fail once and for all. And I’m telling you, so I will actually accomplish that goal, given that I told myself three days ago I would be done and I still haven’t quite managed to do it.  I’m telling myself it’s OK to do that.

Is there anything that you give yourself permission to fail for? What do you do if you’re having trouble finishing a book?

*No, authors – it’s not an ARC, nor is it a requested review. No, I won’t name it because it’s not necessary – I won’t shy away from a bad review if warranted, but I won’t review or rate something I threw on the DNF pile 🙂