Since I’m still behind on my reading, I thought I’d let you know my go-to sites for finding free or discounted e-books. most of which will send a daily email with books tailored to your likes. Who doesn’t like a great deal falling in their lap?


Why: BookBub sends out a daily email with deals curated for you. Create an account, then set your preferences and favorite genres, even follow authors you like, read/share reviews and bookmark books. It’s a one-stop shop! Not all books will be free, but they will be drastically discounted.

Early Bird Books

Why: It’s good to have options! Enter your email, choose your genres, and get a great selection of books you’ll love in your inbox. Early Bird Books is more likely to bring you deals from popular mainstream authors than others. The only drawback is that you essentially have to unsub and start over if your reading preferences change.


Why: As well as being an awesome spot for keeping track of your past, current and future reads, checking book info, reviews and keeping up with what your friends are reading, GoodReads also offers a daily deals email. To opt in, click on your profile picture, select Account Settings, then “deals”. You can choose to include your favorite genres, books on your want to read shelf, authors you follow, as well as selecting your preferred retailers. Handy!

Bonus: Project Gutenberg

Why: Project Gutenberg boasts over 54,000 e-books that are completely free to download in a variety of formats. Don’t expect any recent releases though – Project Gutenberg specializes in older books that no longer have any copyright restrictions. There are some real gems to be had though!

Are there any you’d add? Please let me know!